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OHM x TLL 0116

OHM x TLL 0116

Starting the new year off right, The Lotus Lab gifted us with a soulful mid tempo mix for the first OHM DJ Series mixtape of 2016. Full of soulful classics from the 70s and 80s, get nostalgic with us.


Why are DJ residencies short lived and disappearing?

Here in New York if you have a DJ residency and you’re lucky, it may last on average 6 months.  However, in most cases depending on the frequency of your residencies, business will only give you about 2 chances.  Why is that? Why is the pressure so high for DJs to pack a place when all they really should be concentrating on is pleasing the crowd that is in front of them?  read more

Technics jumps back into the arena with it’s new deck, the 1200MT

I cried when Technics announced they were no longer making DJ’s old faithfuls, the SL1200s. However, in attempts to make a powerful comeback, the revered company just announced the launch of their multitrack decks, the 1200MT.  This new machine can “play up to six tracks of audio at once using a special new record format.” read more