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AfroPunk 2015

***Disclaimer: I didn’t take these photos and own no rights to them. These are a collection of photos that have been placed on social media. Sharing is caring. 

If you think at the end of every AfroPunk season that it can never be topped, the next year’s festival comes along and blows your mind all over again.  This year didn’t disappoint. With a lineup that boasted Grace Jones (yes, Grace Jones!), Lenny Kravitz, Lauryn Hill, Kelis, Danny Brown, Lion Babe and so many other talented performers, festival goers barely had a chance to catch their breath.

This year the festival had it’s inaugural Fancy Dress Ball with Grace Jones as the headliner with proceeds from the ball going towards charity organizations.  Ms. Jones was so fierce that she performed the following night and the crowd in the seat of her bosom all over again with cheeky commentary in between songs, slight costume changes for each set and so much energy that we can’t believe she is 67!

Equally as impressive was the fashion.  You will never see street style expressed as passionately and honestly than at AfroPunk.  Wearing every color in the rainbow and many donning tribal face paint, it was clear that this year being Black and proud was the theme.  #BlackTransLivesMatter had a strong presence with signs placed throughout the grounds and impromptu marches through the crowds chanting to be treated equally. The all inclusive festival had very diverse crowds that came together to see the sights, dance their hearts out and get high off of great performances.  With security tighter than TSA, the crowd lt loose on the park grounds.  Food and merchandise vendors were bountiful.  Black commerce and activism definitely had a voice.

If you haven’t made it to at least one of the 11 AfroPunks that Brooklyn has hosted, I don’t really understand what you are waiting for.  See you next year?!


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