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OHM x Run P. 1115

OHM x RUNP 1115

As a result of the overwhelming amount of music flooding the Internet, Run P. took it upon himself to revisit the tried and true as well as overlooked gems from the last couple of years. With songs/remixes from the likes of MoonBoots, Jai Paul, and J-Louis, this installation of the OHM DJ Series is definitely an eerily familiar breathe of fresh air.

Currently Run P. is trying his hands at his own original production/remixes/refixes which can be heard here. You can also catch him livening up the downtown scene every Friday at Tropical128 located at 128 Elizabeth Street, NYC.

OHM x TLL 1015

OHM x TLL 1015

This mix is inspired by Luther Campbell’s “The Book of Luke”. He was the king of the Miami bass sound. Growing up as a child in Orlando, bass played a major role in my early hip hop experience. All the styles featured on this mix (grime, trap, hip hop) are bottom heavy in a delicious way. So put on your best headphones, crank up the subwoofer and enjoy.

This episode of the OHM DJ Series is brought to you by the creator of OHM, DJ Sakir. When she’s not massaging vinyl and seamlessly blending melodies, she’s creating the latest OHM design, blogging/writing and being the master of her universe.

14 Things DJing Changes About You Forever

I was having a discussion with fellow djs about why it’s hard for me to get excited when I’m out hearing another dj spin.  I tend to critique the set or comment on the establishment’s sound system.  After reading this article posted on Digital DJ Tips, I’m glad I’m not the only one.  I related to a few points on this list and couldn’t resist laughing at myself. (read more) .