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DJ SAKIR, as a phenomenal artist, has been in the making since birth. As a young child she would create radio shows in her spare time...

OHM x 2HB 1215

OHM x 2HB 1215

With economic crisis, racial tensions and terrorism as some of the many concerns plaguing society today, 2 Hungry Bros have chosen to side with optimism. Ben Boogz of 2HB presents a vinyl mix of originals that so many of your favorite hip-hop songs are sampled from. Boogz hopes that these selected 45s will catch the attention of good sound explorers and experimenters of the now generation.

Currently, 2HB’s other half, Deep, is releasing creative soundscapes with the release of his solo debut beat album on Hipnott Records, “What You Leave Behind”. The project, “What You Leave Behind” is set to be released on cd, digital and cassette formats on December 11th. It will also be available for preorder on Bandcamp. Currently on Hipnott Records is 2HB’s the instrumental beat tape, “The Munchies”.

OHM x Run P. 1115

OHM x RUNP 1115

As a result of the overwhelming amount of music flooding the Internet, Run P. took it upon himself to revisit the tried and true as well as overlooked gems from the last couple of years. With songs/remixes from the likes of MoonBoots, Jai Paul, and J-Louis, this installation of the OHM DJ Series is definitely an eerily familiar breathe of fresh air.

Currently Run P. is trying his hands at his own original production/remixes/refixes which can be heard here. You can also catch him livening up the downtown scene every Friday at Tropical128 located at 128 Elizabeth Street, NYC.